Monday, January 25, 2016

#Blizzard2016 #Adultsnowday #NextwinteraSnowBird

How was your #Blizzard2016?
Technically, I was to write a blog for today. Yesterday. Notice the snow. I was removing it. And yes, finally, paying someone else to remove it. Cos seriously and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and my dog is not happy and where is the ibuprofen?

How was your day? Dig much? Drink much? Yes, it's a surprise for many, but, no, I don't think I've cracked a single bottle since Sunday. Just lotsa tea and hot chocolate. Somehow, getting to leave work early on Friday and having a snow day from work today equals joy and peace. Or something. Might need the whiskey today cos I may have to work tomorrow.

Stay safe. Stay sane. And thank the gods of TV that Mulder and Sculley have returned to usher us through this storm. Or perhaps Lady Mary and Carson. Ring him for tea. Or maybe you've been reading (for me, Loretta Chase's latest).

Tell me, how have you kept sane over this weekend.


  1. "Cos seriously and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and my dog is not happy and where is the ibuprofen?" This made me laugh out loud! :-)

    I spent the weekend going through boxes (my eternal chore, which really comes down to pushing stuff around from one side of the room to the other), did a little editing on my story (too little, as always!) and watched Netflix with my hubby (Blacklist, for the drama/mystery, and Sirens, for the laughs).

    Love the pic! Glad you made it through the storm. :-)

  2. I binged Blacklist before the start of the season. and really have come to love James spader and "Tom." Today, I watched season 3 of Miss Fisher - and was rewarded with the final scene. Finally.

  3. I had homework due for my latest class before it started. It has yet to start as of today. Hopefully, it won't be cancelled. I also read, slept, played with the dogs, watched TV, and listened to my daughter play the piano.

    I love this pic of you and your dog. He's got this look on his face like "Tell me again why we're out here?"

  4. Fun post, Mx. Love the photo opp with Kyle the Dog. 😉 As if we can't see he's a dog. There is something special about snow days, isn't there. They seem to slow life down to its normal pace and require us to do only what we want to do in that moment. My time was filled with making comfort food for my tribe, keeping those strapping lads strapping, reading my textbook--Fundamentals of Massage Therapy--drinking wine, watching the news coverage of the blizzard, drinking more wine, and watching two great football games. Go, Panthers! I do love Peyton Manning, but I gotta say, I love love Cam Newton!!! Go, baby. You know where I'll be Super Bowl Sunday. Anyway, I loved being home with nowhere I had to go for s couple of days in a row. Of course by Monday morning, I had cabin fever. And I was out finding adventure by trying out my car on the roads. Yeehaw!

  5. Love your hashtag, #NextwinteraSnowBird! I can't figure out why winters seem harsher to me. Heaven forbid it's because I'm getting older. That's not happening, right? But no matter what our ages, snow days with their books and tea and Tylenol still make me feel like a kid again!