Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back to the Books
I took a hiatus from writing, not because I was tired of it but for other good reasons which I’ve discussed before but don’t really want to rehash here. What does matter now is this—once you’re ready to start your writing again, how do you get your writing groove back?

I decided to look into what others have written about this. This is a compilation of all the advice that resonated with me.

On the website Live Write Thrive, guest blogger Janice Kersh gave a list of ways to start writing again. My takeaway from what Janice said is that you must create a ritual such as having a certain type of tea or reading a poem that puts you in the mindset.  It should be something that triggers the start of your creative process, whatever that might be.

The full text is here.
At The Write Practice, Marcy McKay suggested to let go of the guilt. You will not get the time back you’ve spent away from your writing. Another thing suggestion she made is something that has worked well in the past for me—to set a minimum goal for yourself that you must complete each day.  Whether it’s one page, 250 words, one scene, etc. just make sure that you complete your goal each day. See more on this here.

Nathan Bransford notes that you must realize that your first day back will not be productive. It will not be perfect and it will not be good. Accepting this fact will help you muddle through that first session. More on what Nathan said is found here.

At Standout Books, Paige Duke says to be intentional and organized. One way she suggests is to use an organizer. I used to use one of these and when I was faithful with it, it worked very well. I think that I need to dust it off and start using it again. It would help me plan and carve out time to do my writing. More on this here.

One last thing on kick-starting your writing that Janice Kersh said that resonated with me is to recognize that your writing style may have changed. Embrace what comes next and go with the flow. I do feel differently than I used to—not like I don’t want to write but not the same, either. Perhaps that’s part of why I don’t know what to do—because I’ve changed. So, if I’ve changed then maybe my process needs to change as well. This is something I’ll have to consider as I find my new normal.  

Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting your writing going after a hiatus? I’d love to know what they are.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Happiest of Father's Days!

One of the most attractive things about a man is his prowess as a good father. When women see men who are engaged and active in the raising and care of their children, they go a little gaga. Is it any wonder? The species is propagated when good men are able to ensure that their progeny continue on. It is in the providing for and the care of these little ones who are unable to care for themselves that we see what a man is made of and if his line will blaze into the future as a mighty warrior. So here's a big thank you to fathers everywhere who have wiped noses, encouraged perseverance and roar-dom, who have helped us up when we've fallen, who have dried our tears when we feel like life has defeated us, who inspire us to be better than we ever thought we could be. We love you. And we thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Father's Day!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

In Which Keely Shares a Recipe for an Open Door Cocktail

From my office door, I hear birds chanting a multilingual song cycle. The wind ruffles the tree leaves, Zephyr's fingers mussing green hair, fond and friendly. An airplane vrooms overhead, a few seconds of technology drowning out the steady drone of the carpenter bees that buzz around my air conditioner. All big talk and posturing, the bees are like punks hanging out at the square on a small town Saturday night.

Every so often, the breeze slips through the screen door, unscented today because the wild vine grown lush and curly up the wall of my second floor stone patio is bloomless. My nose appreciates the reprieve from wisteria's tyranny, No blowzy perfumed punch to the sinuses today, no sir.

The sky is a faded, milky blue crowded out by a mix of fluffy popcorn and that dense layer of dirty white that says, ha, and you thought you'd have a drink outside tonight, no dice, I'm gonna open up and cry all over you. Honestly, those clouds have been rude bullies all spring. Do they even like raining, do you think?

All day, I've been touching base with what's going on through my open door, staying in the moment, exercising my five senses (taste: mint gum. The flavor of which technically *could* come from the garden beyond, so I'm going with it) and igniting my imagination (what if we could train the vine to grow in origami shapes?).

I'm all lit up with possibility and potential. And it feels good (cue the music!).

Want a piece of the action?


Then might I advise an open door cocktail, stat: 5 parts senses, 1 part dreaming.

Mix well, drink liberally, and see if this magic elixir doesn't imbue you with a sense of wonder and well-being.

Bonus alert: this recipe is calorie free!