Friday, December 18, 2009

And to your right . . .

Last night, we celebrated!

We toasted the end of 2009 -- which for many of us included the finishing of our manuscripts. (For some of us, the completion of more than one manuscript. And for a couple of us, the completion of our first ever manuscript.)

And we toasted the beginning of 2010 -- which we all hope will include the finishing of even more manuscripts.

In quiet contemplation of our goals for the year . . . okay, okay, in a loud mexican restaurant over "buy one get one free" sangria & margaritas and at the top of our lungs . . . we went around the table and stated our goals for 2010.

Please direct your attention to the sidebar on the right.

And here's to 2010!!!


  1. You actually published them. Yikes! Now I have to ACTUALLY do it! Shoots!
    happy New Year!