Friday, July 30, 2010

Orlando Day Two-Three-Four...???

Just past 7:00am on the Friday of conference. Still jumping with energy...who knows how long it will last. Mx, Lisa and I are having a fit of the morning giggles. It's nice to be with friends. We're getting ready for breakfast and SEP (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) talking about those six magic words (Keep the reader in the story).

Yesterday - The Golden Network reception in the evening - soooo much fun to see so many Unsinkables (this year's Golden Heart class name). Very inspiring to see so many writers "booted out" of the Network after having sold a book in the last year.

Before that...WRW party at the Bluezoo during the cocktail hour. Two hour-hour? $15 champagne. Not a cheap drink! Tasty though, so what the heck. Thanks to Mary Blayney and her assistant in setting it up and thanks to all our chapter friends for coming to hang out and catch up! Bluezoo is CSI: Miami chic - lots of water, hard angles and cool colors.

Suz Brockmann and Lee Child - must get a copy of one of his books - Reacher sounds like a yummy hero to Child has a greaaatttt voice. So not a problem to listen to him for an hour...

Nora's lunchtime speech. Inspiring? Naturally. Funny and Poignant? In the bag. She added a new phrase to my vernacular: Eat the Hard. As my dad said: not sure what it means but I so get it. I want to make a pin out of it and hand it to everyone. As in Romance Jeopardy - the publishing world is a game that is Not Fair. The writers who rise to the top Eat the Hard for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pitching today and in the afternoon there is the RITA and Golden Heart reception and after that is the St. Martin's party. No rest for the wicked...

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  1. Lee Child? OMG! (Big fan, here.)

    Can I be him when I grow up?

    Can I be you, Keely, this week?