Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm in love with the moon!

Much thanks to Candy for keeping us posted on what she was up to in NY. Internet was so tres espensive that I only accessed it on my phone and couldn't quite negotiate the mechanics on there for adding to the blog.

And now that I'm home, what can I say to add to the knowledge base?

I attended the literacy signing. And completely freaked OUT. So many people, so loud, and I couldn't figure out how to get those paper thingies with the pretty covers onto my Kindle where I could actually, you know, read them, so I ducked out as soon as I could.

Bright and early the next morning, the conference was off and running.  I loved the opening session, as Candy said, very inspiring.  I attended some great workshops. Hung out with some fabulous people. Ate at several fantastic restaurants. In short, I loved it all.

But more and more I find myself wondering where I fit in this game. As an unpublished writer I can't really say I'm in the industry. But having had an agent, and won some contests, etc., I can say that I'm in the game. Even if I'm not sure where.

Of course I'm not the only one looking for landmarks. Digital publishing, self publishing, the death of the bookstore, etc., are all changing the game and there was a general fog of panic hanging over the conference this year. As if everyone was just looking around and wondering: Where the Hell are we?!?

I saw a LOT of that. But I did not come across anyone who had The Answer. Which makes me feel a little better (I'm not the only one feeling lost) and a little sad.

After the conference officially ended, my roomie and I stayed on a day and saw some sights. One of the things we wanted to do, while staying right there on Broadway, was see a show. Thanks to our friend Eileen's wheeling and dealing, we got GREAT seats to the matinee performance of The Addams Family Musical. Which was everything you could want from a musical based on Charles Addams famous characters.  It was whimsical and weird and laugh out loud funny while at the same time addressing some very real themes about growing older and letting our kids grow older, and falling in and out of love.

At one point, during dinner, Uncle Fester announces that he's fallen in love with the moon. And in the end, that pretty much sums up what I have decided to take away from RWA 2011. Don't be afraid go after what you love, no matter how impossible it seems.


  1. Thanks for taking me with you to RWA via twitter and text!! I feel like I got the best of both worlds...sleeping in my own bed combined with lots of fabulous advice from the writing Giants! Keep reaching for the moon my friend and fall in love with the journey!

  2. Awesome post, Yvonne. I love that attitude. We all need something that keeps us going. And why not fall in love with the moon? Dreams are integral and the pursuit of them keeps us going when our lives seem otherwise ordinary and mundane. A writer's life is all about finding the significance and revealing it to others. It's what we do. And mining truth, finding the stars, unearthing jewels all takes time and focus. We're on the right track!

  3. Isn't falling in love with the moon more about hope than about the security of falling in love with the impossible (and therefore not truly risking your heart)?
    Writing is hard and writing is painful and writing is a risk. The business of writing is a lovely glade chock-a-block with landmines, possibly staffed by a nest of vipers. It is cut-throat and hard-nosed and sometimes serendipitous.
    And writing is the blood that moves through our bodies. We do it because we have to, because we need it to be alive.
    And maybe, just maybe, as we gaze longingly with Uncle Fester, onto the Moon's placid face, with our hearts soft and full of longing, we will catch the Moon's eye and know we are loved in return.
    It is the hope that is in us and the hope that keeps us returning, day in and month out, to the stories that are gathering in our heads.
    Thanks for your post, Yvonne.

  4. Glad you like the sentiments, guys. As you know, I felt a little lame about it, because--having just returned from the big conference--I wanted to be able to be inspiring. But had to settle for just being truthful. :-)