Monday, October 1, 2012

Spook-tacular RITA© Winner Terri Garey Tricks, Treats & Gives a Free Book

The Spook-tacular Terri Garey
Here in Rockville, October's on the calendar and autumn's in the air! That means the Eight are gearing up for tricks and treats and Halloween. And boy, readers, do we have a treat for you!  RITA© winner Terri Garey swings by after the graveyard shift to give us the spine-tingling skinny on her new paranormal novella in BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT. Plus, one lucky commenter will receive a free book from Terri's Nicki Styx or Devil's Bargain series. See details below.   

A Southern girl with an overactive imagination, Terri Garey grew up in Florida, always wondering why tropical prints and socks with sandals were considered a fashion statement. She survived the heat by reading in the shade, and watching cool shows like the The Twilight Zone and the classic gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. Balancing a career with marriage and motherhood convinced her that life was too short to rely entirely on the left side of her brain, and Terri started writing her own devilishly delicious tales from the dark side. She is the RITA© award winning author of six novels and various novellas, and despite her choice of subject matter, only hangs out in graveyards on Halloween. Visit her website at, friend her on Facebook at, or follow her on Twitter at

Now, take it away, Terri:

Terri's New Novella: Get It While It's Hot!
October has arrived, and with it, my favorite holiday, Halloween!  I’m not sure why, but I’ve always found the spooky side of life to be far more interesting than the every-day, so-called “normal” side.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South, where I discovered ghost stories at a very young age, scaring myself silly with tales of ghosts and haunted houses, witches and werewolves, spooks and spirits. I would’ve loved to have Casper the Friendly Ghost as a play pal, and Herman Munster as a dad! Halloween night itself meant candy and costumes, roaming the neighborhood long after dark, spooking the other kids by jumping out of the bushes and shouting, “Boo!”.  As an adult, I still love Halloween, which is why, when my editor at Avon approached me with an idea for a Halloween anthology, I leapt at the chance to give my readers a special treat by creating my OWN ghost story.

THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR was the result, one of three spine-tingling tales in BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT, a new e-book anthology from Avon Impulse, to be released October 23, 2012 (just in time for Halloween!)  In it, a witch and a warlock battle for possession of a haunted house, little knowing that the ghost who haunts it may have her OWN agenda!  Here’s an excerpt:

Cassie stood tall, and lifting the smoldering bundle of herbs aloft, turned her face to the moon. Ignoring James completely, she began to speak.
Honor to thee, Nimue, keeper of the night sky. Bathe my soul with moonlight, and see that my motives are pure.”
There was nothing but silence, broken only by the faint crackle of flames. Despite himself, James couldn’t tear his eyes away from her curves, backlit as she was by the fire.
 Spreading her arms to encompass the trees, Cassie spoke to them, as well. “Honor to thee, oh spirits of these ancient oaks. Stand with me as guardians this night, sheltering me as I breach the veil between the living and the dead.”
The scent of burning sage rose in the air, drifting, enshrouding the oaks. Cassie walked slowly around the fire, purifying the air with sweet-smelling smoke, murmuring words in a language he didn’t understand.
She seemed to have forgotten he was there, and he decided not to remind her. Instead, he watched and listened, finding himself fascinated by the way the moonlight both revealed and hid her face, gliding along her jaw line, turning her eyes from pockets of shadow to glittering diamonds.

What about you?  Ever play any tricks on Halloween night, or were you just in it for the treats?  Leave me a comment for a chance to win an entirely different kind of treat – a signed copy of one of my earlier books, reader’s choice!

Whatever you do, make sure you go out and scare up a little fun this Halloween, and don’t forget to check out BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT (but do it safely, by downloading the book, not with any actual blood or anything. J)  Happy Halloween, ghoulfriends!

Take a Trip to the Dark Side with Terri's Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Series


  1. Terri, you're a scream! Thanks for hanging out with the Rockville 8!

    Our childhood loves never really leave us, do they? I recently found an old short story I *tried* to write when I was fifteen. It was pretty bad! But the themes I work on now were all over it. I loved a certain kind of story, a certain kind of heroine, and a certain kind of hero as a kid--and I still love 'em. How Freudian is that?!?

    Well, thanks again and best wishes as BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT makes its way in the world. Can't wait to see who wins a novel from your Nicki Styx or Devil's Bargain series! The recipient is in for a treat!

  2. I have already pre ordered the anthology! who could pass up those three authors? The only Terri book I don't have is A Devil Named Desire and would love to win it.
    I set up a brain and eye ball box. You know, you stick your hand inside the box to feel brains and eyeballs. The kids love it! But Halloween is all about the treats for me! I love to give out novelty items like maggot mints.

  3. I was never much for the tricks part of Halloween but I loved the treats. I can't eat them now like I used to though. I do love decorating for Halloween though, it's my favorite holiday. It's kind of a no pressure holiday, that's why I've always enjoyed it so much. And it's in the fall which is my favorite season.

  4. Hi, Nichole, and thanks for having me!

    A brain and eyeball box, Sharon? You're a ghoul after my own heart! :)

    Linda, I'm with you on the "no-pressure" aspects of Halloween... it beats Christmas for me any day, because it's all about the fun!

  5. Hi Terri! Welcome to the R8! I remember the first time I felt eyeballs. Scared the dickens out of me!

    I must have liked it, though, since the beasties that go bump in the night are my favorites to read nowadays. Werewolves are my kind of treat!! But I think I could make room for a hunky warlock, yes ma'am. Looking forward to meeting up with James!

  6. Hi, Keely!

    Into werewolves, are you? BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT also contains a werewolf story by NYT best-selling author Jocelynn Drake! I'm sure you'll find it howlingly good!

  7. Thanks for visiting the Rockville 8! When I was a kid, my friend and I made a haunted house in her backyard shed. We had all kinds of ghoulish stuff in there that my friend showed them. Then she asked them to sit in a chair. I was already in the chair under a sheet so when they sat down, I put my arms around them. We got a lot of screams out of that one. I've always loved scary things. Thanks for sharing us. Good luck with your book's release!