Sunday, January 20, 2013

Identity Crisis

When all else fails. When, just as a for instance, the idea of sitting down to write makes you break out in hives, your critique group partners are starting to make oblique comments about dead weight (or at least that's what you hear in your head), and even after 3 months your office still isn't set up . . . not that any of us would know anything about that kind of thing . . . but say, just for instance, that you DID . . . and say--again, just picking random things here--say it was your turn to blog for your critique group . . . what would you do?

Well, YOU would probably sit down and compose a thoughtful post that had something to do with writing. But what I did was google "identity crisis" which, naturally, took me to wikipedia where I learned that "Identity Crisis" was one of DC Comics' top-selling series. All of which makes tremendous sense to me because I'm pretty sure that ever since September 10th, 2012, there have, on many occasions, been speech balloons hovering over my head. But the eerie synchronicities don't end there!

It goes on to say that one of the major plot threads of "Identity Crisis" was the breakdown of relationships within the Justice League of America (a.k.a. JLA). And that the mini-series was followed by the inter-company crossover "Infinite Crisis".


All is not lost, though, because get this -- It was the "Identity Crisis" series that restored Wonder Woman as a founding member of the JLA. So. While I might be walking around with CRASH-POW-SMASH-WTF?!? balloons over my head right now, it's just part of the process. My Wonder Woman will be restored.

In the mean time, I'll keep chipping away at the office setup . . .


  1. Here's the cool thing: Wonder Woman is always Wonder Woman...even when everyone else sees her as Diana Prince.

  2. Your Inner Wonder Woman is fighting to get back where she belongs! Never fear. ;0) And it's sure not this crit group complaining. We get crisis. Many of us have been hand-dipped in it and faced many of our own crises that made us question everything. So we understand. There's a lot to be said for GRACE. I'll keep hammering that word this year. It's tightly interwoven with LOVE. When we love, truly love, we're willing to offer grace and understanding. It's there in spades, babe! Hang in there. Wonder Woman is waging an invisible war. She'll return stronger than ever! I have no doubt about it. That's also interconnected with LOVE . . . FAITH. You'll get there. Hugs!

  3. Knowing that this thing called life is a process is a big relief for me. What if it was something that needed to be won? That would be scary. But I can do process. Little steps, medium steps, biggish steps, leaps. Detours, course corrections. Aha, I say, all part of the process. Whew!

  4. Candy -- There is an awful lot to be said for grace. And you're right, it's tightly interwoven with love! My word for the year. :-)

    Keely -- LOL. No winning here, no competition. Just a whole lot of corrections.

  5. Great post, Evie! It's difficult to face crisis without questioning yourself. You wonder what you could have done differently, and play the "what if" game. But, I'd worry about you if you didn't question things and examine the situation. I think that we can go on autopilot during a crisis. It's the aftermath that is the hardest. The thousands of little moments that come when the dust settles. Keep on keeping on. Hugs to you.

  6. You go Wonder Woman!!!

    A daring and truthful blog if ever there was one. I too, am having trouble... cough, cough... getting my office set up. Sure, its been delayed by buying a new computer and then the 72 hours it takes now to set up a PC (or so my husband tells me. Perhaps he's really playing video games and just switches over to a blank screen when I come in the room.)

    Sure, I've got lots of ideas and I'm just waiting to get things straightened up and the new computer turned on...

    Sometimes, it all comes down to routine. I had a routine of sitting down at my desk every morning and if all I got done were some doodles, i was still satisfied because I showed up at the right time and stayed the course. I think, despite the mess in my office, that I should just do that. Sit there with a blank page if that's what happens, but show up. 15 minutes the first day, 20 the next and let it grow and become my routine. Again.

    Maybe my Wonder Woman is waiting there for me. "Come in," she'll say. "Where you been, Babe?"

    See you in the funny papers!

  7. I love it when blogging is spontaneous like this post here. Love what Nichole said especially. Smart lady. And you too! :)