Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Digits! Time to celebrate.

So I just sent chapter 10 to the Rockville 8 for our critique group meeting this week. And I'm giddy because this is THE FARTHEST I've ever come on one of my stories. I broke into double digit chapter numbers and this is something to celebrate.

I believe in celebrating the journey.

Chapter one is done? What fun!
The synopsis and chapters two and three are free? Time to throw confetti!
A contest final or a win, you grin? Time to twist and shout and spin.
The first draft has done been craft? A chocolate kiss for you, sweet miss.
The agents says your voice is choice? Hoo-rah, m'dear, that's our cheer.
Your queries for a series score editors galore? Tag, you're it. Champagne's on you, the super cool!

Okay, so meter isn't my specialty. And neither is strict rhyming, but you get the idea.

I think every time I sit down at the computer and type words on the screen is an ocassion to make much of. Maybe one day it will be so old hat that this no longer becomes the case. But I hope not. Constant celebration lightens the soul, brings laughter and smiles to the table, and makes me more inclined to get cracking on my WIP. It's a positive feedback loop.

So double digits. Hooray! Can't wait to see what chapter 11 brings...

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