Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrating Firsts!

With the debacle that occurred at the VMA's awards, I had to reflect on what was one of the more crucials points that had me raging.

It was the corruption of a "first time." Something that diluted that moment, took some of the blush away from rose.

Go back to some of your firsts. Things that had really great, poignant moments for you. Yes, there are tons of first bad memories, but that's not what I'm talking about today.

First plane ride - I thought it was the most awesome experience. I wanted to be a flight attendant after that. I thought they were so lucky to fly all the time.

First kiss - the anticipation, it was so analytical, should I close my eyes, am I doing it right, OMG! I can't believe I'm actually kissing.

First romantic movie - Sound of music. I was a little girl and wanted to be Maria.

First sale of my book - the editor calls and as she does small talk, I'm thinking - they don't usually call if they are going to reject. Then she finally said those words - congratulations, we want to buy your book. I wanted to hang up on her so I could call my husband.

Special moments do occur all the time. Life goes on. We put our good and bad experiences behind us. But during those quiet moments, when we are in a reflective mood, those first experiences are there to comfort, motivate, and guide us.

What are some "firsts" that bring a smile to your heart.

Michelle Monkou

Trail of Kisses

February 2010

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  1. The first time I held my son. My heart was beating so fast, my hands were shaking, I was a nervous wreck. But the awe and wonder of that "first" moment holding my "first" child will never leave me. Even when he comes home from college with three bags of laundry and smells like he hasn't showered for a week. It was still an awesome first!

  2. The first time I wore corrective lenses. My brother was driving us to visit our dad and I couldn't stop staring at the leaves on the trees. Who knew they were such a treasure trove of light and dark, shadow, texture, depth? I was 14 and hadn't realized how two-dimensional my world had become. (Now, *yes*, there was a downside. No more excuses about not being able to see the blackboard in math class to blame my poor performance on...)

  3. All of these are great firsts. And, Michelle, after your rant about the VMAs I had to catch a repeat broadcast. Though I think Kanye's crazy like a fox when it comes to publicity and getting his name out there, I really *did* feel sorry for Taylor. And I LOVED what Beyonce said about remembering her first time up for a VMA.

    But instead of giving you a first that I remember, I'm throwing out a first that I'm looking forward to: my first published book!!!

    I can't w-a-i-t . . .