Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Entangled Publishing Requests . . .

Editors at Entangled Publishing have made their choices based on your amazing pitches on Sunday!

Thank you, Rockville 8, for hosting us. We really appreciate the opportunity to take pitches here. There were some really great offerings, and we unfortunately had to arm wrestle over a couple of these. If we haven’t requested your manuscript, and you believe we’ve made a mistake, feel free to submit it to Entangled via the usual channels. You can find our submissions info here:

All requests are for full manuscripts. Please send them as RTF attachments, and mention this pitch in the cover letter (please type this in the e-mail – don’t attach a separate cover letter). The subject should include “Requested Submission” and the title of your work.

Adrien-Luc Sanders requested (adrien-luc at entangledpublishing dot com):
Jacqueline Corcoran – Heroine with the mechanical hand
Melisse Aires – Clinical trial...of DOOM
Pam Champagne – PTSD
Sutton Fox – Ice and Ash
Engchik – Chasing the Marathon Man
Sherilee – Geek Ever After
Jaycee DeLorenzo – Christmas wedding Flirt

Josh Vogt requested (josh at entangledpublishing dot com):
Evie Owens – I see dead people

Lewis Pollack requested (lewis at entangledpublishing dot com):
Kat Maguire – Playboy Prince

Kerry Vail requested (Kerry at entangledpublishing dot com)
Candy Lyons – Guardian angel gets her sexy on:
Dawn Montgomery – Undead starlets Flirt

Kerri-Leigh Grady requested (kerri-leigh at entangledpublishing dot com):
Jenna Rutland – Adopted baby
Jillian Hallowell – Marriage of convenience on accident
Robin Blythe – Cinderella Ever After
Ally Broadfield – Regency Flirt

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thank you, Rockville 8!

Thanks again to Entangled Publishing and all the wonderful writers for participating in this event! It was a blast.

Best of luck with your writing this winter and stop by and visit us again soon.


  1. Very exciting! Thank you so much The Rockville 8 and Entangled Publishing for this wonderful opportunity!

  2. What a wonderful event! My sincere thanks to The Rockville 8, Kerry Vail, and Entangled Publishing for this incredible opportunity.


  3. Congratulations on those requests!

    I've had a great time watching you reach for your dreams and pitch, pitch, pitch. Thanks so much for stopping by to pitch with the R8. Let us here at the Eight know what happens with those manuscripts!

    Last but not least, special thanks goes to the Entangled editors for making this all possible.