Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rockville8 Entangled Publishing Pitch Event - January 22, 2012

Sharpen those pitches and bring them to Rockville8’s Entangled Publishing Pitch Event next week. Rockville8 will host a one-day pitch event next Sunday, January 22, 2012.

Six Entangled editors will take blog pitches for the following lines:
Flirt (10k-15k words)
Ever After (20k-40k words)

About The Publisher: Entangled is a boutique publisher of romance fiction. They pride themselves on quality stories and commercial covers, and their innovative business model offers their authors the best of indie and traditional publishing. To find out more, see their website. And don't forget to look through their current open submission calls.Instructions: Pitches will be accepted in the comments section of this blog on Sunday, January 22, 2012, when the blog post goes live at 7:00 am EST until midnight PST. Posts after midnight will not be considered.

Editors will fight over the pitches that have been posted and post their submission requests after the weekend.

To participate, have a two-line pitch and the first 100 words of your story ready to post as a comment. Be sure to read the line descriptions linked above. Any level of heat works as long as a romance is central to the story, and the plot is intimately entwined with the building romance. Stories must end HFN or HEA.

Entangled Editors Attending & Their Wish Lists:

Adrien-Luc Sanders, Senior Editor
His current interests run towards sci-fi, contemporary, and urban fantasy—the darker, the better—with a love for gritty dystopian, cyberpunk, steampunk, supernatural, and that rare cross-genre gem. He likes stories falling into that gray area of the battle between good and evil, with strong antiheros and believable villains, or heroes who face temptation and corruption and don’t always get away unscathed, though he can also be won over by quirkiness, sweetness, and humor, with a love of oddball characters and whimsy. He’s also interested in stories that portray people of color and LGBT people as mainstream characters whose cultural, ethnic, sexual, and gender diversity are enhancements to their character rather than the primary focus of the story. Adrien-Luc was interviewed here recently.

Libby Murphy, Associate Editor
Libby would like to see submissions for adults and young adults written with a killer voice, and she especially loves quirky characters and plots. She loves sci-fi with aliens, robots, and high tech; urban fantasy and time travel; contemporary romance; women’s fiction with a strong romantic element; and suspense and mysteries. She craves humor, anti-heroes, and underdogs, and strong, capable heroines are a must. For Indulgences, she's looking specificaly for the following: Best friends, best friend’s younger sister, millionaire playboy, athletes, relationship because of a bet, arranged marriages, bad boys, revenge plots, reunions, adventure (Indiana Jones meets Bridget Jones!), romantic comedy, forbidden love, geeks (hero or heroine), and military heroes. I’m not likely to request sheiks or royalty, but if the royalty is the heroine, that’s definitely more likely. I’m a huge sucker for snarky heroines, funny heroes, and heroes who are the strong, silent type. Libby was interviewed here recently. Libby is especially interested in Flirts and Ever Afters that fit the following:
  • Scientists or inventor-types who walk the line between good and bad (like Batman)
  • Paranormals with a villain hero/heroine who is redeemed by the end
  • Disaster or apocalyptic events in which people find love, despite everything falling apart around them (can be sci-fi, fantasy, or contemporary featuring a natural disaster, for example)
  • Quirky contemporaries or paranormals—humor is a must!
  • Sci-fi, especially if it has a Tron, I, Robot, or a Terminator type setting
  • Thrillers set in a small town
  • Zombie hunters :)
  • Romantic Comedy (would love to see a trilogy about a group of girlfriends finding love)

Kerry Vail, Associate Editor
Kerry loves the whole spectrum of speculative fiction, from hard scifi to space opera to sociological. She loves dystopian futures and alternate histories, especially when combined with a compelling voice and an unusual twist. She also enjoys urban fantasy, high fantasy, and paranormal thrillers, and gravitates toward strong female leads who are intelligent and can save themselves and fall in love. She is open to stories of love in any of its many forms and any heat level.

Kerri-Leigh Grady, Associate Editor
She loves paranormal romance and UF worlds that aren’t complicated by numerous mythical beasties, smart romantic comedy, dark comedy, romantic thrillers/suspense/horror, dystopian romance including steampunk, reunions, BFFs falling in love, marriage of convenience, [strong] woman in jeopardy, man in jeopardy, supernatural elements, clever monster elements, multi-cultural characters, alpha nerds, high stakes adventure, and general hilarity. She’s open to F/M, F/F, and M/M pairings in all heat levels. For Indulgences, she's looking specifically for the following: reunions, BFFs, marriage of convenience, ugly duckling, [strong] woman in jeopardy, man in jeopardy, road trip, alpha nerds, high stakes adventure and suspense, forbidden love, fish out of water, and smart romantic comedy. I’d love to find a military hero where the romantic conflict rings true and is related to the challenges of being a mil-girlfriend or milspouse.

Josh Vogt, Associate Editor
He has a passion for reading and writing speculative fiction. He’s seen all sides of the publishing industry, and works as a freelance copywriter and editor as well as a writer. He brings to the team his love for books, plus a desire to help aspiring authors in their quest for publication success. Find him on Twitter at @JRVogt. Josh is interested in all types of fantasy and science fiction, from urban fantasy to steampunk to space opera to epic and YA fantasy. He loves stories that suck him in without warning and compel him to keep reading thanks to fascinating characters, great dialogue, twisting plots, and powerful worldbuilding.

Lewis Pollack, Associate Editor
A student of philosophy, psychology, and the sciences, Lewis Pollak has an appreciation for both characters with complex motivations and stories that are thought-provoking. Find him on Twitter at @LewisPollak. Lewis loves books that take readers to new worlds, whether they are alien landscapes, alternate histories, or contemporaries with a twist. He also enjoys books that strike a balance between serious and humorous moments. While partial to all sorts of speculative fiction from high fantasy and urban fantasy (but not Keith Urban fantasies) to science fiction and paranormal, interesting characters with genuine emotions and snappy retorts usually win him over regardless of genre.

So be sure to stop by next Sunday, January 22, 2012, between 7:00 a. m. EST and 12:00 midnight PST, to pitch your project. It should be a fun event!

Come on, you know you want to . . . If you have questions, please post them this week. So we'll have a clean pitch session next week in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. ann@annbharrison.comJanuary 22, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Aimed at Lori Wilde's Indulgence Line.

    Put a city gal with two troubled kids next door to a wealthy bachelor cowboy and watch the sparks fly.
    Will Libby Holland meet the terms of her uncle’s will and gain her inheritance and a new family in the process, or will Nathan Miller get his way and force her back to the city?

    Nathan Miller cringed at the angry conversation running betwwn the surly teenager and the harassed looking women as they burst through the door into reception of the quiet legal firm. A young girl trailing behind them looked at Nathan, her wide eyes filled with fear. Feeling sorry for the two kids, he turned back to the copy machine. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents, he thought.
    “Libby Holland to see Mr Thomas.’ Her voice was confident.
    Tightening her grip on the boys arm, the women leaned down and spoke quietly.
    “Just tell me, Josh what you’ve done.”

  2. This is for the Ever After Line. The name of my book is, Don't Touch My Kitty.

    Milla James is the rough and ready African-American owner of an import/export company that operates under various shades of gray within the law. Exporting a cargo of exotic animals she runs into pirates while trying to out run poachers in an effort to save a panther shifter,Alejandro Cavalcanti.

    Indigo water swirled around them climbing higher. Milla pulled with all her strength, beneath her the cage shook and black paws with sharp extended claws scraped across the metal bars. The torrential rain fell in sheets, pelting her body with small liquid projectiles. The wind blew the water into her face, saltwater spray, burned her eyes. Fingers slipped off her shoulder, then grabbed at her arm again.
    “Leave him, we can’t wait any longer. There is nothing more you can do.” She saw her first mate’s outline through blurred vision.
    Milla shook the hand off her arm, screaming in frustration.