Sunday, September 1, 2013

How the Rockville 8 spent our Summer Vacations

Wrapping up the summer here at the Rockville 8, and turning our thoughts toward the fall. What did you do during YOUR summer vacation?

Marjanna Bogan:

Horseshoe crab. Stuck on the rocks. You have so many legs and a very spikey tail.
Horseshoe crab. Stuck on the rocks. Are those really eyes on your shell or just camo?
Horseshoe crab. Stuck on the rocks. Stretching your stretchless exoskeleton to free yourself.
Horseshoe crab. Stuck on the rocks. If I rescue you, am I going against nature?
Horseshoe crab. Stuck on the rocks. I feel you are a metaphor for my summer.

This summer.
I buried my father and rescued a horseshoe crab that was stuck on the rocks.
Technically, we threw Dad under the boat.
I did, however, actually pull the horseshoe crab free from where he (she? who the hell knows) was wedged in the rocks by the surf.
I also drank a lot of vodka. With and without family and friends. I'm not sure if one or the other makes it taste better. Perhaps I should experiment more with that.
But I expect I have the autumn for that.

Nichole Christoff:

Twisted! That sums up my summer. First, the spring weather got twisted and thought it was summer. Then, summer cooled down and behaved like spring. That make for great opportunities to get outdoors--until I twisted my ankle. My high grade sprain should be all healed by New Year's. In the meantime, I'm ready for full-on fall. Bring on the pumpkins and falling leaves! I'm nearly done with my latest novel and I'm starting a new day job. I'm an adjunct professor at a small, private university. So no more twists and turns, please. At least, not until winter.

Misha Crews:

This summer my husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to our favorite getaway: Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. If you've ever been there, you'll completely understand why we're in love with the place. If you haven't had a chance to see it for yourself, then you should go. Now. (I'm not kidding, get going!) The time away from work, phones and even (gasp!) the internet gave us a chance to decompress and reconnect with each other. And it even brought me to a breakthrough on my latest writing project. It was a winner, all around! I hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful summer, and best wishes to you for a beautiful and happy autumn!

Mackenzie Lucas:

Low-key summer for me. Pretty much my full vacation encompassed RWA Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia in July; the road trip to and from Atlanta on the I-81 corridor through the Shenandoah Valley (two nights down, two nights back); and a trip to Pittsburgh to take my oldest to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a Summer Studio program so he could figure out if he’d be interested in applying to their Game Art & Design program after high school. He’s sent in his application and is waiting on letters of recommendation from his high school teachers. Sigh. Yes, we’ve started the college search and application phase for No. 1. The other two will follow in quick succession. So hold on for the ride! The big news for me this summer was that I sold my first manuscript to a traditional publisher. My debut contemporary romance novel Essence will be published by Soul Mate Publishing in spring 2014 in e-book and six to eight months later in print. I’m very excited about working with Soul Mate Publishing on this project! That’s about it for me this summer. Ready for fall to commence. ;0)

Lisa McQuay:

Summer is my favorite season of the year.  I’m happiest during this time of year.  I love all of the daylight hours we have.  Being able to run out the front door without bundling up.  Not having to study with my daughter for a vocabulary quiz or run around and get tons of things for a school project.   Walk the dogs in the evening after the day cools off. 

This past summer was a busy one for me.  Working full time, volunteering as treasurer, attending the RWA National conference, and shuttling my daughter between summer activities, doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments left little time for deep introspection.  The week long vacation to Nags Head, NC was a welcome break that ended all too quickly.    

My father’s birthday always falls somewhere around Labor Day weekend, so a family party is always on tap sometime in the three days we’re off.  This weekend, the party falls on Sunday so I’m busy baking a cake, making macaroni salad and buying a gift.   My brother volunteered to bring the ribs so I took him up immediately on his offer. 

I did some writing in between all this but not as much as I wanted to.  So, now that fall is around the corner and school has started, I’m rededicating myself.  Right after the birthday party…

Evie Owens:

Evie is on deadline, hard at work finishing up a piece for an anthology, so she was not able to submit something for this blog piece. We’re super excited for her coming publication. Go, Evie, go!

Keely Thrall:

Summer seemed like it took an awful long time to get started. All that rain and cool just didn’t say summer in DC. It wasn’t until July that things kicked off for me – I attended RWA Nationals mid-month, then was home for a week before heading to Paris for 4 days (see my post on that here). August has seen me get loads of writing in, as well as happily receive the news that I’m a finalist in the Lone Star Writing Contest (paranormal category). Looking forward to more writing this fall and reconnecting with my WRW pals.

Shellie Williams:

Sometimes life IS a bowl of cherries and like "sudden fame" a lot goes on before the bowl of cherries arrives. This summer I had to dance with my own special devil: patience. I'm not good at patience. I'm more of an action kinda girl. But all summer, I had to wait and be patient. Would I get the job I had set my heart on? Would I final in the Claymore Contest for unpublished authors writing in mystery, thriller and crime genres? Patience, grasshopper was my mantra...and my reward. Yes, I got the job and I've already dreamed up a story idea: Murder at the Arts Barn. (Yeah, the title needs some work.) Lastly, I finaled in the Claymore contest. I was one of 10 finalists. Killer Nashville hasn't released the final winners yet, so I'm still practicing patience.  Breathe, grasshopper, and have a cherry.

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  1. Love this blog, Rockville 8. Marjanna, my condolences again on the loss of your father, but as always I am heartened by your overall views on life, the yin and yang. Mackenzie...mucho congratulations to a wonderful writer. Essence will be top of my list. Evie Owens! yay for being on deadline! Misha and Lisa and Shellie and Keely and all inspire. Keep up the fabulous work!