Sunday, October 26, 2014

Warm Hugs

As I mentioned in my last post for the R8, I spent my summer sitting in cars with a girl. Also at splash parks, adventure land parks, pools, the indoor playground at the mall, and (Shhh, don't tell her mother...) the indoor playgrounds at various fast food establishments.

What can I say? Unlike her grandmother, the kid's a runner!

And because her grandmother's not a runner, the other thing we did was cuddle on the couch watching Every Kids Movie I Could Find.

There are a lot of really really good kids movies.

And still, by the time they flew home, my brain was:

Partly because that was her favorite of the lot. But mostly, if I'm being honest here, MOSTLY because I (all too easily, scarily scarily easily) put my writing aside for the 2.5 months she was in town.

Which left me, yet again, trying to find my way back into the writing. Sigh.

As my friend Deborah says, "Action is always the answer." And while I can't say that I've taken a lot of action in this direction, I have taken some!

First: I started making dates with one of my other writing friends (not naming any names here, but their initials are J. Keely Thrall) to meet up after work on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I still get a little panicky, just before I leave for a writing date. Will the words be there? But I don't give in to the fear and just the fact that I push through the fear to get there feels like a victory. New words on top of that? Bonus!

Second: I had to miss the RWA national conference this year, but thanks to my wise friend Deborah, I have in my hot little hands the flash drive full of mp3 files of the conference workshops.

So I've been listening to those. It's not the same thing as being there, but it's my RWA this year, and I'm finding a lot of information and inspiration in those workshop audio files. So yes, I'm counting that as action, too! And what's the rule here, kittens?

That's right. Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart!

Er, I mean, "Action is always the answer!"

And taking action feels like a nice warm hug... so get out there and take some action!

It will make you feel better.


  1. The thing I love about writing dates is that it makes me show up to my own desire/goals/life. Somehow setting up that social contract with someone else (yes, I will be at this place at this time) is the warm hug I need to get me moving on behalf of myself. Total bonus when that the benefit extends to my writing date partner!

    Y, you are one of the most courageous people I know and it's a honor being "alone together" with you on our writing journeys.

  2. Fun Post, Yvonne. Yes, action and taking charge of your destiny always feels good. I like that you liken it to a warm hug. And we all go through our bouts/stages of FROZEN. It's how we come out on the other side that matters. So glad you're hitting your goals and making forward progress. ;0)

  3. Hooray for you! I agree with you. Taking action means you've got a hand in what happens...because goodness knows if we stand still we don't get to go many places! Best wishes as you give it all a go!