Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last night, I dreamed I was Michael Bublé's mother . . .*

In my defense, I'd gone to sleep thinking about how it was my turn to write the blog. Wait.  There's absolutely no connection there at all, is there? Hmm. Deborah had it all figured out this morning, but now I can't remember how she did it!

Oh well.  In my defense, I just got home from a writing weekend. Twenty-one pages in 1.5 days. My brain exploded and dribbled out of my ears about 1:30 this afternoon. Now? I got nothin' . . . Except links!

Sweet, fun, informative links! And at least one that sings . . .

My first link comes from Candy, proving the good sense of your trusty Rockville8 because we meet (most of the time) at Panera's—reportedly the healthiest fast food chain around. Also, one of the friendliest to writers.

Though not as friendly as the Novel Cafe, which I've never been to, but I learned about from the Murderati—who were blogging, recently about where they write—which I learned about from Do Some Damage, who copied them. If you, like Michael Bublé's mother, find that kind of thing interesting, here's one more to explore. 

And if you're the kind of weirdo who finds looking into other writer's offices interesting, you'll probably like this, too.

Oh you want one.  Admit it.

In my defense, I actually am old enough to remember typewriters that didn't have USB ports.

Though not, thank gawd, old enough to have mothered Michael Bublé.


And I wish I wasn't old enough to remember posting this.  Because I am very sad to have to tell you, kittens, that I am in fact still watching way too much TV.  Er.  I mean TVD!

In my defense, I . . . no . . . are  you kidding me? 

There's no defense for that!

But wait!  Before you go, I've got two more links!

This one, here, is the money shot.  It's the best program I've found, for down and dirty racking up the words.

And this one, from one of my favorite authors does, as promised, sing!

Man.  This linking stuff took almost as much thought as an actual post.  What was I thinking? 

Well, in my defense, I wasn't. 

Twenty-one pages.

1.5 days. 

Did I mention?

*You're welcome, Marjanna!


  1. Y- Great post! Regarding those typewriter-computers, I got a military-style flashback of the nun teaching my typing class standing over me screaming "Time" as I tried to get my word count to 30 on a manual typewriter (which were obsolete at that time but we were forced to use so we could "get the feel of them first"). Loved seeing how and where others write and all of the other links.
    I didn't get a chance to comment last week but congrats on all the writing all of you accomplished. Nice going!

  2. 21 Pages!! Excellent mania! (May I borrow some?)

    Murderati dude who likes to write alone in a cafe shop with his friends b/c he's a gemini? Yup. I get it.

    Congrats on the fresh pages!!

  3. Fun post, Yvonne. Sorry I'm chiming in so late. Life is craaazy. So glad you got 21 new pages written. Go grrrl!

  4. Thanks, you guys! I wish I'd been as productive this past weekend. But I'm glad you enjoyed the links. Onward!