Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stacked -- the Slacker We-Were-at-the-Beach Post

Here are (some) of the Rockville 8.  From left to right, you've got Yvonne, Marjanna, Candy, Keely, Nichole, and our lovely guest, Julie.  We are gathered outside a diner in Delaware where we were about to have breakfast this morning after spending several blissful days at the beach.

Lisa & Michelle, we missed you!!!

One of the things we did at the Beach was watch a few episodes of the all too limited television series, Stacked, starring Pamela Anderson. 

It's a sitcom, set in a bookstore owned and run by two geeky brothers.  One of the brothers is a writer.  We loved it for the laughs, but we also related to a lot of the angst.  A LOT of it!

So look for a more thoughtful post here next week.  In the mean time, if you're a writer or you've ever worked in a bookstore, I urge you to check out Stacked.

You'll be glad you did!


  1. What a blast! Hope y'all rested, refreshed, and got lots done.

    And Stacked was funny. Too bad it didn't last long.

  2. We did, we had a blast! Much more discussion than actual racking-up-of-words, but it was so nice to get away.

  3. yay us! (but next time, we have to remember to take off the sunglasses!)
    And Stacked IS a great tv show that never shoulda been cancelled.

  4. You went to the beach! And how did Julie pull the "outsider" invite. How does one score that? Looks like a great weekend, almost as great as Stacked. Darn I miss that show.

  5. Stacked was a new one to me. But how smart! Sharp writing and sharp cast!

    And speaking of stacked, I'm still seeing the enormous stack of Pepsi cans the R8 set aside to recycle. Yep, Pepsi cans. And ginger ale cans. And wine bottles. And champagne. Hey! There were SIX of us!

    But seriously, loved Stacked and loved the chats! Fav books and why, fav movies and why, naming your core story and why, taking a look at elements in mystery fic written by men as opposed to women...


  6. In addition to lots of chat, lots of Stacked, and *some* writing, I figured out the "why" for my heroine! Finally! After writing the dang story and getting halfway thru the rewrite! What a relief!!!!

    A good beach weekend!!