Monday, April 18, 2011

All About Evie

I've been thinking about this A LOT and it would be oh-so-easy to stay in the thinking stage, but enough with that! Enough with the wait-and-see and agonizing over whether or not I've got enough information.

I'm doing it. I'm changing my name . . . and in the process, I'm turning into someone completely different.  Someone who publishes her own work.  Someone who takes full responsibility for her own words.  Someone who--hopefully--writes anything she wants to write, without regard to genre or market, and publishes the best of it.

And that someone is: Evie Owens.

Evie's going to be a blithe spirit.  But she's also, poor thing, got her work cut out for her.  Covers and blurbs and formats, oh my!

So far, the cover has been the easiest part for me.  Mostly because I work in electronic publishing at the day job.  Turns out, being able to make every decision all by myself is a little nerve-wracking!  Which surprised me a little.  But it was also as liberating as taking off your shoes at the end of an eight-mile hike.

And that didn't surprise me a bit.

I guess there's always been a little Evie in me.

So Watch This Space.

There will be more to come . . .

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  1. Can't wait to read Evie Owens! And learn from your experience...

  2. Hi Mary! I'm more than happy to share my experiences. So far they're mostly made of confusion. :-) But last night, I figured out how to redirect my domain name to my blogspot, so that was a win!