Monday, April 4, 2011

Chart Your Course

It's April 4. The year is a quarter of the way to another New Year's celebration. And yet, I don't think it's too late to talk about goals--that one, two or maybe three things in life that you want more than anything else. I've never been shy about making my goals. They may even start out as a casual declaration.

Once said, that seed takes root and then I formulate the what if's because now I want it to become a reality. Some goals turn into way more of a challenge than I estimated and then I have to weigh the pros and cons to dedicating more energy in pursuit of this goal. When I've achieved that goal, victory is sweet, but not long-lasting. I need the challenge for what comes next. Do I go for a higher rung on the ladder? Do I step off the ladder and take a different path altogether. One thing for sure is that I'm not adverse to risk.

No matter what or how I plan to accomplish that goal. I'm pretty sure that it takes being open to possibilities. Read more than you usually read. Read outside of what you usually read. Meet new people. Look at the other interests in your life as ways to stay mentally fresh and excited about life. Don't be afraid to play the what if game where you place yourself in a winning role.

Success rarely falls on the unexpectant. Success is not guaranteed. Your energy, desire, and discipline are all tenets at your disposal. Work hard and chart your future. Good luck!

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  1. "Don't be afraid to play the what if game where you place yourself in a winning role."

    Between you and Deborah--and the rest of the R8--I will get this some day! But it is such a difficult concept for me to grasp. :-)