Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Is Silver and the Other Gold

With the end of summer right around the corner, we in the Christoff household are making the most of the fleeting season. You can find us in the great outdoors nearly every weekend now. And if the evening is crisp and cool, you'll find us gathered around a campfire.

A Christoff Campfire

Do you remember that old campfire song? The one about friendship? You know the one I mean. It reminds us to "make new friends, but keep the old." Why? Because "one is silver and the other gold."

These words were never more true than this weekend when one of my oldest friends brought her family to my campfire circle. She and I were kids ourselves when we met at camp almost thirty years ago. But if you'd have seen us this weekend, you might've thought we were still kids with the way we joked and laughed.

Around my campfire this weekend, my friend reminded me of who I used to be--and who I still am. Seeing myself through my friend's eyes, I remembered my strengths. And I remembered those strengths had always been a part of me. Best of all, in the golden glow of the campfire, I remembered those strengths had been with me for so long, they probably weren't going to go anywhere without me.

When autumn comes and winter is finally here, and all the pressures of daily living put a damper on my spirits, I'll look back on those summer evenings, both recent and long ago, with my friend. I'll remember what it is to be a friend. And, thanks to my friend, I'll remember I can be myself.

As I look forward to the seasons to come, I hope I'll always make new friends. I hope I'll always keep the old. Because one is certainly silver, and the other is the truest gold.

Now it's your turn to talk to the Rockville 8. Do you have a friend who's as good as gold?  What does her friendship mean to you?


  1. Lovely post, Nichole. Yes, my friend Nancy, best friend since we were eleven, has enriched my life in many ways. She shared my past triumphs and failures, loved my children since the day they were born, and anchors me in ways I celebrate every day. She's my no b.s. friend when I need it, and no one is more loyal or supportive when I need to try something new. I count myself blessed to have her. Thanks for reminding us all we need remember how fortunate we are to have these people in our lives.

  2. Love the blog. It reminds me of the great friendships I forged at Camp Burgess Glen in NC all these years ago and the wonderful camp songs we sang.

    Thanks for the silver and gold!

  3. Hi, Emelle. Thanks for stopping by.

    We all need a "no b.s. friend," don't we? After all, there's so much b.s. going around! That's what my dear old friend does for me, too. She keeps me from getting sucked into the b.s. It's funny how we can lose sight of what's b.s. and what isn't as we slide down the slope. I'm glad Nancy's in your corner.

  4. Do you still keep up with your old Camp Burgess Glen pals, Shellie? It seems childhood friendships are the ones that really last, even if we think, "Well, so much has changed." Maybe it hasn't. It doesn't matter how many years or how many miles come between childhood friends, there's a foundation there. Wouldn't you agree?

  5. What a lovely post, Nichole. Loved it. You are so right. Friends make the journey worthwhile and remind us of who we are, where we've been, and how far we've come. I do have a core of spectacular friends--some from my college days, some from my single years, some more recent from my writing days. In all of them I find a value beyond compare--they are priceless. And I don't know where I'd be without them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful reminder!

  6. Friends are a lifesaver, absolutely. I feel blessed to have such good ones, and I'm lucky to count you and the good women of the R8 in that number!

    I regret that I'm out of touch with two of my good childhood friends...we grew up and drifted apart. But what a gift to remain friends with my high school cadre - we hang together every New Year's Eve.

    My writing pals have long since moved from silver to gold. I wonder if there is such a thing as platinum and titanium friend status? Hmm, there's a story idea...

  7. Do you ever gather all those gal pals, together, Mackenzie? I bet your college, singleton, and writerly friends would find they have a lot in common. After all, they all love you! You might have a ton of fun if you got them all together.

  8. Hello, friend Keely. Right back at ya. Thanks for commenting. Your platinum and titanium question made me smile. I think you're on to something there.